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Don’t let your slow website impact your conversion rate.

Improve Website Performance

Website speed has become a key factor in search engine optimization. Faster load times on your website ensures that your users don’t leave and visit a competitor’s site. Our technical optimization and on-page optimization strategies lead to fast load times, decreasing the likelihood of low session engagement. Website speed optimization is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires a thorough understanding of the technical aspects as well as how they impact your site’s rankings in search engines.

Why Speed Matters?

Are your users able to find the information they need quickly? Do you have a fast website (that is, one that loads in less than 2 seconds)? Studies have found that 53% of users expect a website to load within 2 seconds. We’ve fine-tuned our technical and on-page optimization services so your website loads quickly!

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Optimize Your Website for Success! 

Speed optimization is a component of SEO that analyzes your site’s performance to improve its performance. Through analysis of HTML markup, server requests and other components, we can identify bottlenecks that are slowing down your site. After our benchmark and audit is complete, our experts will develop a plan to optimize your information so you get the best possible results from each visit.

HTML Markup

A website’s markup is its underlying code, which describes how the web browser will display your website to visitors. Optimizing your HTML can increase the speed at which your website loads, improve its search engine optimization, and help users find what they are looking for on the site.

Web Server Optimization

Optimizing the performance of servers is a way to improve your website’s overall performance. Our team will measure, investigate and offer recommendations for improvements in server delivery—as well as measuring current metrics that indicate how users see your site.

Media and Asset Optimization

Through a comprehensive benchmark of your website’s media, our team will analyze and make recommendations for improving the delivery and performance of these items.

Speed is Critical to Your Success

Speed is a critical factor for any website, but it’s especially important in the world of SEO. If your site takes too long to load, you could lose users and search traffic. Even worse, loading times can impact a site’s overall conversion rate. Page Speed Optimization makes sure your site loads quickly and accurately. With proper implementation of page optimization, you can ensure higher rates of retention and engagement due to the accessibility of your webpage, be it from a mobile device or from a computer. It’s extremely important, lack of optimization in this department can significantly impact the usability of your website from potential clientele who were excited to explore your offerings and services.


What goes into Speed Optimization? 

Optimizing page speed isn’t as simple as it may sound, there are many aspects to your website that need to be considered. These can range from the format and size of the images and elements that are available on your webpage to the interaction of your website to search engine servers. Google’s indexing crawls your site and tests the load and response time of your various pages. If a page takes too long to load, this is a note for the algorithm to flag your webpage for poor optimization and loading times. This inevitably negatively impacts the ranking of your webpage on Google (or another major search engine’s) algorithm, causing you to have less visibility during searches as better optimized pages are presented first. Optimizing your speed not only leads to better retention from users and potential clientele, but it also establishes better recognition from the algorithms that dictate your ranking during searches. 

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